Welcome Message

Dear Delegates,

We cordially welcome all of you to the 18th Annual State Conference of IADVL, WB State Branch, CUTICONWB 2014.

Speakers ofintemational repute are being invited to deliver 'Orations' in the memory of our teachers Prof. B. N. Banerjee and Prof. R K. Panja,

The theme of this year's conference will be 'Insight into Dermatology of Today'.

An enriching academic experience with a splash of cultural entertainment awaits you this winter of 2014. Please reserve your days for this superb occasion to make it a resounding success.

Please make it convenient to attend academic and cultural extravaganza CUTICONWB 2014 to make it a grand success.

With regards

Yours truly,

Dr. Asok Kumar Ghoshal



Dr. Sumit Sen

Org. Secretary


Dr. Satyendra Nath Chowdhury

Hony. Secretary