1. All life members will be provided with a badge with the emblem of IADVL, an identity card and a life membership certificate bearing the life membership number. 2. All classes of members shall have the right to attend and participate in all general and clinical meetings, conferences, lectures, etc. organized by the National Body or Branches of IADVL.
3. All members are entitled to receive the official organ of the association, the Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology (IJDVL) and also Indian journal of Dermatology (IJD) published by IADVL, WB Branch, both of which are indexed journals in Index Medicus/Pubmed.
4. All members are entitled to receive all mailers/announcements/brochures for National / State Conferences organized by IADVL and IADVL,WB.
5. All members are entitled to receive IADVL NEWS, the official bulletin of IADVL.
6. All IADVL members are automatically members of SARAD (South Asian Regional Association of Dermatologists)as well.
7. All life members are eligible for election as office Bearers (only if they meet the requirements) or as members of the Central Council and they shall be entitled to vote in the election of office bearers at the state or national level. (These privileges are not applicable in cases of retired Members, Provisional Life Members and Honorary Members.)
8. Only IADVL members are eligible for any fellowship, scholarship, award, medals offered by or through IADVL.
9. Postgraduate students after passing their degree / diploma are eligible to become life members.
10. Post-graduate students who are Provisional Life members of the association will be offered concessional registration fees at the annual national conference.